Welcome to Altrocanto

a corner of peace, flavours and creativity.

In the heart of the region of Abruzzo, strong and gentle, Farindola, a shy and secluded village clinging to the foot of a Majestic mountain, rises away from the crowds, chaos and indiscreet glances, Altrocanto, a long dreamed dream, finally carried out with care and devotion to give a solid roof to our desire for hospitality and cordiality.

It is a place of pleasure, rediscovered time, reading, rediscovery of flavours, but also a starting point for fun trips, busy visits, silent pilgrimages.

Thomas and Marco flee from the city

Tired of the frenzy and chaos of a big city, which seems to give you many opportunities but sucks you all the energy, we decide to flee in a quiet and secluded place to be fully masters of our time and work. For a long time friends have been telling us, that our ability to welcome and make people feel at home was to be cultivated and expressed professionally.

At first we consider the Tuscan Maremma, overlooking the promontory of Argentario, a place of Marco’s origins, a land with a strong and long-established tourist vocation. But then the choice falls on Abruzzo, a place of Thomas’s origins, a harsh and still little known region, but of a strong personality and great potential, where we decide, -perhaps a bit insane -, to invest.

The childhood memories of his grandmother and her kitchen and the memory of a cool and quiet landscape leed us to Thomas’s grandmother’s family home, lying abandoned just off the Farindola village. From there on, a long work of design, renovation and furnishing and decoration, started in 2007 and reaching a satisfactory level in 2012 – retouching, small additions, changes continue and will continue -, gave birth to Altrocanto.

More than starting a business it was a choice of life, more than a resort we like to think of Altrocanto as a home, well looked after and comfortable, in which to welcome our guest in a genuine way.

Searching for relax, nature, culture, local food and wine.

In a charming, cozy and comfortable environment, variously furnished, with special considerations for recycled and reused, we have 5 rooms, very different from each other, all with parquet, private bathroom and some reading suggestions.

We offer a restaurant at “zero kilometers”. For the food preparations, we only use seasonal products from small local producers, flours and olive oil of the region, strictly Abruzzo wines and preferably organic ones.

The structure is equipped with a photovoltaic system, for the production of electricity, and solar thermal, for the production of hot water; the heating system is powered by a biomass boiler burning olive residues; rainwater is recovered and used for the garden; separate collection of inert materials is carried out, while organic waste is used for compost production.